Postgraduate Diploma Programme

An intense, pre-PhD programme for talented students


Lecture Rooms and Facilities

Classrooms and study areas:
Four rooms are allocated for holding Postgraduate Diploma lectures - Lecture Room B,   Lecture Room DLecture Room H, and the computer laboratory  "LB-lab", all of which are located in ICTP's Leonardo Building. Some courses are also held in the Info Lab located at the Adriatico Guesthouse. Lectures are recorded and can be accessed on ICTP's YouTube channel. A dedicated study area consisting of three rooms  "A", "F" and "G",  equipped with 30 computers and printing facilities, are available for students.

Computing facilities:
Students may purchase a laptop, and the Programme will cover half of its cost. The Information and Communication Technology section will provide technical support for all IT and computing related issues.

Marie Curie Library:
ICTP's Marie Curie Library offers the students information support and services, a vast collection of specialized literature in printed and electronic format, and its facilities, which include computer workstations, complete wireless coverage, photocopiers and printers.  The Library facilities are reserved for bibliographic and research related usage only. A selection of textbooks, suggested by the lecturers, is on display in the Library entrance area. This reference collection is at the exclusive disposal of the Diploma students within the Library premises.


  • Students are assigned lockers for their personal belongings (LB terrace level) and pigeon holes (LB first floor) for receiving correspondence.
  • Students have access to all ICTP services and facilities including medical office, operations and travel agency, bank, visa and passport office, housing  office, insurance agency and mail office.
  • In addition to the compulsory, two-week intensive Italian course offered to Diploma students upon their arrival in Trieste, ICTP also offers free Italian Courses for all students and visitors.